Grove Starter Kit for TI LaunchPad

The Grove Starter Kit for TI LaunchPadTM is a great starting point for rapidly prototyping a sensor application using Energia.

You can purchase the GSK for TI LaunchPad at SeeedStudio and distribution partners.

Download the sample code folder here:

StarterKit Energia

Start prototyping with over 100 different Grove modules from SeeedStudio with LaunchPad & Energia. SeeedStudio offers over 100 different Grove sensors and actuators that can interact with the Grove Base BoosterPack for the TI LaunchPad Development Ecosystem. Energia example software & libraries are available for many of the Grove modules as well.

The BoosterPack features full compatibility with the 40-pin BoosterPack pin out standard. Plugging in a Grove Module into the Grove Base BoosterPack will enable your Grove sensor or actuator to route the appropriate pins to an underlying LaunchPad. Since this BoosterPack adheres to the BoosterPack standard, each Grove connector will route the analog pins, digital pins & serial communication pins to the underlying LaunchPad.

Have multiple Grove modules connected to your LaunchPad kit. Create a complete system of inputs & outputs by simply plugging in multiple Grove sensors and actuators to your LaunchPad.

Grove modules utilize a simple 4 wire connector (VCC, GND, SIG1, SIG2 or NC).

Pin Maps

Grove BoosterPack bottom Pins

Grove BoosterPack on top Pins


Download the sample code folder here: Find all the latest examples from Seeedstudio’s Github repo: HERE

Basic Examples

>> Example 01: Getting Started : (Blinking LED)

>> Example 04: Display : (4 Digital Display)

>> Example 05: Potentiometer : (Rotary Angle Sensor)

>> Example 06: Sensing the Light : (Light Sensor)

>> Example 07: Hearing : (Sound Sensor)

>> Example 08: Is Anybody There : (PIR Sensor)

>> Example 10: Sensing the Distance : (Ultrasonic Ranger Sensor)

>> Example 11: Feeling the Environment : (Temperature Humidity Sensor)

Advanced Examples

Trigger a voice call when your LaunchPad detects water

In this demo, we are using the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack + Grove Moisture Sensor. This was programmed using Energia & leveraging code generated by Temboo.

Creating a SubGHz RF sensor network with a WiFi gateway

In this demo, we created several wireless sensor nodes. Each wireless node features a unique sensor from Seeed Studio, which interfaces to a TI LaunchPad + CC110L Sub-GHz RF BoosterPack + Battery BoosterPack. The SubGHz-to-RF Gateway was created using the CC3200 WiFi LaunchPad paired with the CC110L SubGHz RF BoosterPack. This was all programmed using Energia.

Component List

Grove PluggedIN

1x Grove Buzzer (Digital)

1x Grove Relay (Digital)

1x Grove 4-Digit-Display (Digital)

1x Grove Light Sensor (Analog)

1x Grove Sound Sensor (Analog)

1x Grove Moisture Sensor (Analog)

Grove Cables

Starter Guide Manual

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