Energia supports the CC3100 BoosterPack. The BoosterPack let’s you quickly incorporate Wi-Fi into your LaunchPad projects. Check out the tool folder (http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100boost) for more information. The WiFi libraries are included in the Energia release.

This hardware is open source! Get the design files of the CC3100BOOST from TI.

On some LaunchPads (MSP-EXP430FR4133, MSP-EXP430FR6989) not enough current gets sourced to the BoosterPack from the LaunchPad. To fix this, change the J8 Jumper to 'LDO' position instead of 'MCU' position. This should fix it. The use of the external power USB cable is not necessary in most use cases.

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Compatible libraries

Upgrading the CC3100 Firmware


There are several versions of silicon that could be on your BoosterPack. In most cases updating the firmware is not required to get it working with Energia. However, in some cases it might be necessary to update the firmware to access additional features or to get it back to stable working conditions. All silicon will support the Service Pack. You can download that HERE. Newer silicon can support more recent Service Packs and those can be downloaded from TI directly (http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100sdk).

For the most part, WiFi Sketches run just fine without upgrading the firmware on the CC3100, however, we do recommend to do so since there might be BoosterPacks shipped with firmware that is incompatible with the WiFi driver shipped in Energia. Below is a brief description of the procedure. You will need the CC31XXEMUBOOST hardware which has the FTDI debugger needed to upgrade the firmware . Plug the CC3100 BoosterPack to the EMU BoosterPack and plug the USB cable from the J6 (SPI/GPIO/UART/NWP) connector to your computer and follow the procedure.

This is the part where you need to jump through some hoops. Unfortunately this can only be done on windows. This will be done from the Energia IDE in a future release of Energia.

  1. Get the CC3100SDK-SERVICEPACK from this page: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100sdk. You can also use Service Pack that can be downloaded HERE. Run the installer and you should have something in c:\TI\ called service pack.

  2. Get UNIFLASH-SIMPLELINK from this page: http://www.ti.com/tool/uniflash. Install and it should again end up in c:\TI.

  3. Run Uniflash

  4. Make sure that under "CC31x Flash Setup and Control" you select the right COM Port (There are 4 COM Ports when using the CC31XXEMUBOOST, it should be the 3rd COM port option which is the UART)

  5. Select "New Configuration" from the File menu and click OK

  6. Select "Service Pack Update" from the Operation menu

  7. Browse to the directory where you installed the service pack (under step 1) and select servicepack.bin. Probably called something c:\TI\xxx_servicePack_xxx\

  8. It will immediately start the update. One thing that is totally not obvious is that in the small little console window below the main window, it will right after it start the upgrade say "-- please restart the device -" which means press the reset button (SW2 on the BoosterPack).

  9. It will take a while for the process to complete but once it does you are good to go and hopefully do not have to jump through these hoops again.

If you get stuck on the above then there is also a more elaborate set of instructions included in this document from TI: http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/swru376