Educational BoosterPack MK II

The Educational BoosterPack MK II is a great starting point for rapidly prototyping a project
using Energia.

Start prototyping with over 10 different sensors, inputs, and outputs with
LaunchPad & Energia:
Start creating complete systems that react intelligently to real world
activity for the TI LaunchPad Development Ecosystem. This BoosterPack is jam packed with
functionality in an easy to use game pad form factor. This BoosterPack was developed with
Energia in mind - example software & libraries are available.

The BoosterPack features full compatibility with the 40-pin BoosterPack pin out
Since this BoosterPack adheres to the BoosterPack standard, it will work with any of
the TI LaunchPads. Use your favorite LaunchPad and upgrade your capabilities.

Have multiple BoosterPacks connected to your LaunchPad kit: Create a complete
system of inputs & outputs by simply adding additional BoosterPacks to your LaunchPad.
Connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi BoosterPack or add additional sensors with a SensorHub
or Grove BoosterPack. The combinations are vast.

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The Educational BoosterPack MK II can be purchases the from TI.

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