Core Libraries

These libraries are included in the official release of Energia. Learn how to manage and import your libraries with this tutorial.

  • Adafruit_TMP006 – TMP006 Library for CC3200

  • Air430BoostUSAFCC – Library for CC110L Sub-1GHz radio BoosterPack for use in North America

  • Air430BoostEuropeETSI – Library for CC110L Sub-1GHz radio BoosterPack for use in Europe

  • aJson – JSON parser

  • BMA222 – Accelerometer Library for CC3200

  • CogLCD – Crystal on Glass LCD library using SPI

  • DriverLib – TI’s Driver Libraries exposed with Energia APIs

  • EduBPMKII_Screen – library for LCD screen on BOOSTXL-EDUBPMKII

  • EEPROM – EEPROM management library for TM4C

  • Ethernet – Connect with Ethernet using this library

  • Firmata – Dynamically control the microcotroller with serial communication

  • IRremote – Infrared remote library

  • LiquidCrystal – Generic LCD library

  • LCD_SharpBoosterPack_SPI – Sharp Memory LCD library

  • MspFlash – Manipulate the flash memory for MSP430

  • M2XStreamClient – AT&T M2X data service client library

  • MQTTClient – IBM IoT Foundation MQTT client library

  • PubNub – PubNub MQTT Client library

  • PubSubClient – Generic MQTT Client library

  • Serial – UART communication abstraction

  • Servo – Control a servo motor using this library

  • Software Serial – Software UART library

  • SPI – SPI communication abstraction

  • Stream – Parent library for many communication libraries like Serial

  • Stepper – Control a stepper motor

  • Temboo – Harness data from hundreds of web services using Temboo APIs

  • USBSerial – Multi-instance USB serial library

  • WiFi – Use the powerful SimpleLink Wi-Fi features with these helpful APIs

  • Wire – I2C communication abstraction

BoosterPack Energia Libraries

Custom Libraries

For a guide to writing your own libraries, see this tutorial. To import your own custom library, see this tutorial.

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