We’re super excited to announce that the Energia IDE now has full support for Temboo!

We’re super excited to announce that the latest version of the Energia IDE now has full support for Temboo!

Temboo + Energia + LaunchPad


We’ve been hard at work collaborating with the kind folks at Temboo, which is a cool cloud service provider that can generate Energia sketches that enable cloud-connected LaunchPad kits to interact with 1000+ REST APIs. Temboo currently has support for various web services such as FedEx.com, Twitter.com, Yahoo Weather & more.

From within the Temboo website, you can use their code generation tool for creating your own IoT-enabled Energia sketches. Simply choose the web service you want to interact with & the APIs you want to enable. Then by populating a few fields, a complete Energia sketch is generated from within the browser. At that point, simply copy & paste them into the Energia IDE  and compile!

The possibilities are plentiful!

  • Generate code to enable the LaunchPad to turn on an LED when your package arrives from FedEx.
  • Generate code to enable the LaunchPad to append a new row on a Google Drive spreadsheet for datalogging sensor values.
  • Have your LaunchPad send you a SMS or Email when a sensor exceeds a threshold.

Here’s a quick video I put together using code that I generated from the Temboo website.

In this demo, I have a moisture sensor connected to the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack. When moisture is detected, my LaunchPad triggers a voice call to my cellphone using the Nexmo web service. In the Temboo website, we can specify what the phone call will say when I pick up the phone. In this case, “Hello Adrian, we detected a change in your sensor readings. Press 1 to take an action on your LaunchPad, or press 0 to ignore.”

At that point, my cell phone rings & I am able to respond remotely back to my LaunchPad by simply pressing 1 or 0. This response/command is sent back to the LaunchPad & we are able to handle that command appropriately with the code flashed into the LaunchPad kit. In my example, I simply turn on the red LED on the LaunchPad if the user presses 1.

In short, Nexmo can enable our LaunchPads to remotely call a user when needed & get input from that user when a decision needs to be made.

Special thanks to the awesome folks @ Temboo & to all of the contributors to the Energia project!

You can learn more about Temboo & Energia/LaunchPad support @ www.temboo.com/hardware/ti