volatile keyword

volatile is a keyword known as a variable qualifier, it is usually used before the datatype of a variable, to modify the way in which the compiler and subsequent program treats the variable.

Declaring a variable volatile is a directive to the compiler. The compiler is software which translates your C/C++ code into  the machine code, which are the real instructions for the LaunchPad.

Specifically, it directs the compiler to load the variable from RAM and not from a storage register, which is a temporary memory location where program variables are stored and manipulated. Under certain conditions, the value for a variable stored in registers can be inaccurate.

A variable should be declared volatile whenever its value can be changed by something beyond the control of the code section in which it appears, such as a concurrently executing thread. In Energia, the only place that this is likely to occur is in sections of code associated with interrupts, called an interrupt service routine.



volatile int state = HIGH;
volatile int flag = HIGH;
int count = 0;

void setup()

  digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, state);
  attachInterrupt(PUSH2, blink, FALLING); // Interrupt is fired whenever button is pressed

void loop()
  digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, state); //LED starts ON
  if(flag) {
    flag = LOW;

void blink()
  state = !state;
  flag = HIGH;


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