Shifts in a byte of data one bit at a time. Starts from either the most (i.e. the leftmost) or least (rightmost) significant bit. For each bit, the clock pin is pulled high, the next bit is read from the data line, and then the clock pin is taken low.

Note: this is a software implementation; Energia also provides an SPI library that uses the hardware implementation, which is faster but only works on specific pins.



shiftIn(dataPin, clockPin, bitOrder)



dataPin: the pin on which to output each bit (int)

clockPin: the pin to toggle once the dataPin has been set to the correct value (int)

bitOrder: which order to shift out the bits; either MSBFIRST or LSBFIRST.
(Most Significant Bit First, or, Least Significant Bit First)



the value read (byte)


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