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Core Libraries

These libraries are included in the official release of Energia. Learn how to manage and import your libraries with this tutorial.

  • Adafruit_TMP006 – TMP006 Library for CC3200
  • Air430BoostUSAFCC – Library for CC110L Sub-1GHz radio BoosterPack for use in North America
  • Air430BoostEuropeETSI – Library for CC110L Sub-1GHz radio BoosterPack for use in Europe
  • aJson – JSON parser
  • BMA222 – Accelerometer Library for CC3200
  • CogLCD – Crystal on Glass LCD library using SPI
  • DriverLib – TI’s Driver Libraries exposed with Energia APIs
  • EduBPMKII_Screen – library for LCD screen on BOOSTXL-EDUBPMKII
  • EEPROM – EEPROM management library for TM4C
  • Ethernet – Connect with Ethernet using this library
  • Firmata – Dynamically control the microcotroller with serial communication
  • IRremote – Infrared remote library
  • LiquidCrystal – Generic LCD library
  • LCD_SharpBoosterPack_SPI – Sharp Memory LCD library
  • MspFlash – Manipulate the flash memory for MSP430
  • M2XStreamClient – AT&T M2X data service client library
  • MQTTClient – IBM IoT Foundation MQTT client library
  • PubNub – PubNub MQTT Client library
  • PubSubClient – Generic MQTT Client library
  • Serial – UART communication abstraction
  • Servo – Control a servo motor using this library
  • SoftwareSerial – Software UART library
  • SPI – SPI communication abstraction
  • Stream – Parent library for many communication libraries like Serial
  • Stepper – Control a stepper motor
  • Temboo – Harness data from hundreds of web services using Temboo APIs
  • USBSerial – Multi-instance USB serial library
  • WiFi – Use the powerful SimpleLink Wi-Fi features with these helpful APIs
  • Wire – I2C communication abstraction


BoosterPack Energia Libraries


Contributed Energia Libraries

Big thanks to the community for helping to expand the capabilities of Energia through open source libraries!  Download relevant libraries here and use them in your next project.

Custom Libraries

For a guide to writing your own libraries, see this tutorial. To import your own custom library, see this tutorial.

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