Serial over BLE

The BLE library supports Nordic Semiconductor’s UART/Serial service out of the box. This means the Energia library should be over the air compatible with existing Aruduino sketches and mobile apps based on this service.

Smart Phone App

To demo this sample application, we recommend using Adafruit’s Bluefruit LE Connect App


How it works

Enable this service by calling ble.serial().

Inside the Serial init function, the library will setup the Serial service as well as its TX and RX characteristics. It will also setup the device to advertise the availability of the serial service so that the Adafruit app recognizes it as serial capable. From there you can write and read strings to/from these characteristics using the the Adafruit Bluefruit LE app which also supports the Serial Service.

A summary of the service setup by the ble.serial() can be seen in the table below

Running the Demo

  1. Load the sketch on the MSP432 using Energia
  2. Open the Bluefruit app on your mobile device
  3. Search for devices, you can filter on those that have the UART service if you’d. The Energia device will advertise as Serial available.
  4. adv_scrn

  5. Once connected, explore the services, notice the UART TX and RX Chars.
  6. Move to the UART tab, and you will notice that anything typed into the serial monitor appears on your phone and vice versa
  7. uart_srnserial_monitor

  8. The SerialOverBLE app also supports the Color Picker (color wheel that controls RGB LEDs on MSP LP) and Control Pad (D pad functionality over BLE) features.         ctrl_pad_app_adafruitcontrol_padcolor_whl_adafruittri_color_led