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Pin Maps

Pin Naming

Users are encouraged to use the physical pin numbers (1-20, 1-40, or 1-80 depending on the LaunchPad) of the BoosterPack header pins as identifiers in their software.  Because these numbers are consistent between all Launchpads, this help to ensure the portability of the user’s software.  Some LaunchPads also support the use of GPIO or Port numbers such as “P1_3”.  These names are not recommended for use and will be deprecated in the future.  New LaunchPads that are added to Energia will not support pin names based on GPIO or Port numbers.

Pin Mapping Repository

Detailed Pin Mapping reference for each supported LaunchPad and BoosterPack.  Pin Map information can also be found at the GitHub wiki.  If you have a piece of hardware that doesn’t have a pin map, use the device datasheet or user guide to understand the pin out and identify conflicts and no connects.

NRND = Not Recommended for New Design

Pins Standard



16-bit MSP430 G2 F and FR


16-bit C2000


32-bit CC1300 CC2650 CC3200


32-bit MSP432


32-bit Tiva C











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