EDUMKII JoystickSerial

This Example uses the the joystick and prints out the position data to the Serial Monitor.

Example Video

Hardware Required

  • TI LaunchPad

  • Educational BoosterPack MKII


None. This basic example just uses your LaunchPad and BoosterPack only.


 JoystickSerial example for Educational BoosterPack MK II

 Move the joystick around in x & y axes (pin 2 & 26) or
 press straight down on the joystick center button. LaunchPad
 will report the joystick readings back to the PC through
 the serial port.

 The circuit:
 * Joystick X attached to pin 2
 * Joystick Y attached to pin 26
 * Joystick Sel attached to pin 5
 * LaunchPad On-board UART Serial connection via USB to PC

 Dec 03 2013 for Educational BoosterPack MK II
 by Dung Dang

 This example code is in the public domain.


// constants won't change. They're used here to
// set pin numbers:
const int joystickSel = 5;     // the number of the joystick select pin
const int joystickX = 2;       // the number of the joystick X-axis analog
const int joystickY =  26;     // the number of the joystick Y-axis analog

// variables will change:
int joystickSelState = 0;      // variable for reading the joystick sel status
int joystickXState, joystickYState ;

void setup() {

  // By default MSP432 has analogRead() set to 10 bits.
  // This Sketch assumes 12 bits. Uncomment to line below to set analogRead()
  // to 12 bit resolution for MSP432.

  // initialize the pushbutton pin as an input:
  pinMode(joystickSel, INPUT_PULLUP);


void loop(){
  // read the analog value of joystick x axis
  joystickXState = analogRead(joystickX);
  Serial.print("Joystick X = ");

  // read the analog value of joystick y axis
  joystickYState = analogRead(joystickY);
  Serial.print("   Joystick Y = ");

  // read the state of the joystick select button value:
  joystickSelState = digitalRead(joystickSel);

  // check if the pushbutton is pressed.
  // if it is, the buttonState is HIGH:
  if (joystickSelState == LOW) {
    Serial.println("   Joystick Center = pressed!");
  else {
    // turn LED off:
    Serial.println("   Joystick Center = not pressed!");
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