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* 40-pin LaunchPad look

* Installation instruction is on GitHub  https://github.com/shengzhao91/FirmataGUI



* Simple Firmata look. Populate long list of pins

* Lightweight express web application framework

* https://github.com/shengzhao91/FirmataGUI-Light


Atom Shell

* Firmata-Atom-Light

– Atom shell version of FirmataGUI-Light

* Native node module

– node-serialport

– require “apm install”

* Zipped application folder: atom-shell

– bypass native module hassle

– Click “FirmataGUI-Light” shortcut or “atom” executable to run the application

* Reference https://github.com/jacoblwe20/atom-hardware-demo


launchpad-firmata module

* A fork of jgautier’s firmata module customized for LaunchPad

* The layer that writes Firmata protocol to the serial port

* Hosted on npm for simple installation and used in FirmataGUI/-Light

* Installation command: “npm install launchpad-firmata”

* Git url: https://github.com/shengzhao91/launchpad-firmata.git

* Npm url: https://www.npmjs.org/package/launchpad-firmata

* Reference: https://github.com/jgautier/firmata


Firmata Boards.h file

* Fixed bug that TOTAL_PINS must be multiple of 8

– fixed through customized launchpad-firmata module

* Revisit pin definitions

– Corrected wrong definitions

* Push updated Boards.h file to GitHub

– Merged to Energia’s main branch by Robert


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