<span class="wikiword">ble.setValueFormat()</span>


Sets the optional characteristic presentation format descriptor. This is not required for most characteristics, but may be required by certain adopted characteristics or by a custom use case. For integer value formats, the actual value is equal to storedValue*(10^valueExponent)


ble.setLogLevel(&bleChar, valueFormat); ble.setLogLevel(&bleChar, valueFormat, valueExponent);


&bleChar: A pointer to a [BLE\_Char](http://energia.nu/reference/ble/ble-addservice/ble_char/). valueFormat: An unsigned integer specifying the data type of the characteristic value. [Here](https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/gatt/viewer?attributeXmlFile=org.bluetooth.descriptor.gatt.characteristic_presentation_format.xml) is a list from the official Bluetooth SIG website. valueExponent: A signed 8 bit integer only required for integer value formats.


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