AT&T M2X Library available in Energia 15

There is another cloud service to add to your tool box and it is called M2X by AT&T.  M2X is a data store service targeted for the Internet of Things, which means you don’t need to go through the trouble of setting up your own custom server in order to post usable data to the cloud. Simply use the APIs available in the Client Library and you can quickly start posting things like temperature data, GPS coordinates, and system states. This makes it very easy to use for data logging and data monitoring where you want to keep a record of values and thresholds and perhaps trigger actions based on how the data changes.

Check out the tutorial page here to get started.


Another exciting part of M2X is called Flow Designer, which is a Node-RED style graphical interface to help you organize your cloud application.  It provides seamless integration with M2X and other AT&T services and will help you link those to other web services and embedded devices. Look for more updates on this tool as it improves.